Caleb's Book Formatting Services

Important! Please read everything carefully so you know what to expect and so you don't incur extra charges.

What I need from you:

  • An editedfinal copy of your manuscript saved as a Microsoft Word document. Editing can throw off formatting, making a new formatting job necessary. Make sure you've had your manuscript edited before you send it for formatting. 
  • Information for your copyright page, dedications, acknowledgements, about the author, etc., should all be included, in the order in which you want them in your manuscript. 
  • If you're ordering paperback formatting, make sure to send me your ISBN if you want it on your copyright page.
  • If you're ordering paperback formatting, I'll need to know the size you want. CreateSpace has a list of sizes on their website. 
What I'll do with it (depending on the package you order):

  • I'll create an ebook-ready document complete with a working, linked Table of Contents. 
  • For style purposes, unless the author requests otherwise, the first sentence of each chapter will be set flush left with the first 3-4 words capitalized in smaller font (see my example on the Home page).
  • **I'll create a CreateSpace/IngramSpark-ready document, saved as a PDF-X file, for easy upload to CreateSpace/IngramSpark. 
  • The document will include page numbers and headings.
  • For style purposes, unless the author requests differently, page numbers and headings will be absent from the first page of every chapter, as well as blank pages.
  • For style purposes, if requested I can begin the first sentence of each chapter with a drop cap, or with the first three words all caps as in the Kindle edition.
  • For style purposes, I was taught to format the way books were historically formatted, with each chapter starting on an odd-numbered page. If you'd prefer to have your chapters start where they fall, let me know. 

*Note:  I'm working on a PC. If you're working on a Mac let me know, because due to Mac oddities with PC-generated PDFs, this may change the way we do things. 

**Note: Because KDP Print is in beta, I do not guarantee formatting for KDP Print. Until the initial bugs are worked out of their program, my paperback formatting is only guaranteed for CreateSpace and IngramSpark. 


  • If you see any problems with formatting within one week (7 days) of my delivering the final product, I'll fix it for free unless the problem occurred because you edited or converted the file I sent to you. 
  • If problems arise after one week (7 days) I will not assume responsibility for those. 

Additional revisions will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and a fee will be negotiated. Some examples (based on real-life requests):

  • if you made changes to the files after work was complete, approval given, payment made, and receipt sent, 
  • or you've decided you want to add or subtract a passage or page, 
  • or you realized you forgot to include your copyright page or some other page in the manuscript you sent to me,
  • or you didn't read my standard formatting (up above) and, after completion, decided you want something different.
  • If formatting is complete and you decide you want a different size for your paperback than the one you originally chose, that is a complete new formatting job. Templates are not transferable; different sizes require new formatting. 


  • All payments must be through Paypal. If you don't have a Paypal account, that's okay. I can still send an invoice through Paypal that will let you pay with a credit card without opening a Paypal account. 
  • Half is due upfront, and half at conclusion of the project once you've determined you're satisfied.