Caleb's Book Formatting Services

Starting Prices:

I offer the most reasonable prices you'll find, with high quality, professional results. Why are my prices so low? It's simple:  I want your business.  

*$60 for the ebook (Kindle, D2D, or Smashwords) up to 50 chapters.

*$60 for the paperback up to 50 chapters. 

If you have over 50 chapters, email me and we'll negotiate a price based on the number of chapters. 

Important: I only work with novels. A handful of pictures is workable, but I don't work with graphic-heavy books such as children's books and most nonfiction. Ebooks with numerous pictures, graphs, bullet lists, and text boxes need to be formatted in HTML in order to render correctly on ereaders. That is a much more specialized and costly process. If you need a referral for ebook formatting for a children's book or a nonfiction book, I can provide one.

To contact me with questions or to request my services, please use the Request Information box on the right of every page. I'll do my best to respond within one business day.